Rave 150cc Motor Scooter

Being a prospective scooter buyer can be overwhelming with all the choices available on the market today. Chinese scooters are usually the most sought after vehicles simply due to their economical appeal. The Chinese company, Oianjiang Group is the largest motorcycle producing and selling company in China. Keeway is the European registered brand name under the high-end products of the Oianjiana umbrella. Dedicated to the research and development, design, sales, and service of motorcycles and other mechanical products, Keeway has a full line of fuel-efficient scooters.

A favorite among the Keeway scooter family is The Rave 150ccv Motor Scooter. This modern designed motorbike was created with a special front fairing strategy with Keeway giving the buyer the color options of gold, red, blue and white. Designed with a companion on board, this fashionable motorbike includes a passenger handrail, giving the second rider a spot to embrace during their outing. Additionally, to help ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, this scooter is equipped with hydraulic front suspension and rear spring shock absorption. The weight being only 242 lbs, this lightweight, twist and go designed scooter has a fuel capacity of 1.6 gallons that takes regular unleaded gasoline. To help move through streets with easy, the sporty, automatic transition Rave has powerfully large safe high front and rear lamps to help the operator expand visibility and offers a ground clearance of 5’1”. The maximum torque for this single cylinder motorbike is 10.5/5500 with 12HP. The max speeds for the Rave can reach over 55MPH, varying of course based on the weight of the riders and other factors. From the 16” wheels to the comfortable seating with a seat height of 30.7”, this beautifully crafted scooter is the right choice for the road.

Dynamic and multifunctional, the Rave is powered by a 150cc liquid cooled engine with turning indicators built into the front fairing. The stylish exhaust system helps round out the design this scooter making it the ultimate choice for the road. After putting extensive thought into every detail of this well-crafted machine, Keeway also offers a 2 year limited warranty. Available from Scooternation.com, the home of Las Vegas Scooters.


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There are many compelling reasons why scooters are becoming more and more popular today. For starters scooters are never affected by traffic conditions as well as transportation timetables which are a common feature in public transportation. The running cost for scooters is also comparably low compared to that of a typical vehicle; a scooter can give you between 70 to 120 mpg in urban riding. On the whole, a small scooter with 50 to 150cc engine is much more efficient than a larger scooter with 200 to 700cc engine. Some of the most reliable scooter brands include; Piaggio, Kymco, Yamaha, Honda, Vespa, Suzuki, and Sachs. Scooters are general more suitable for riding around town as well as to and from work. The average price range of a scooter can be anything from $1,500 to $10,000.

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